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JCMH Officially Approved Forms

Rule Language

(g) Forms. A court must not require a party to use a local form. A court must not reject a properly completed form approved by the Supreme Court or an organization that reports to the Supreme Court.

Comment to 2023 change:
. . .
Paragraph (g) makes clear that access to the justice system cannot be denied because of a party’s failure to use a local form. Paragraph (g) also specifies that a court cannot reject forms approved by the Supreme Court or organizations that report to the Supreme Court.

Forms Source Information

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the JCMH Forms Committee met to review and compile a collection of mental health forms that judges and attorneys can use to streamline and promote efficiency in court processes. The officially approved forms were subject to more intense scrutiny and standardization to make them accessible and applicable statewide.