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County Mental Health Law Plan

County Mental Health Law Plan

The Texas Judicial Commission on Mental Health (JCMH) is seeking Texas Counties to participate in a County Mental Health Law Plan Pilot Program that will provide FREE resources.

Why is this needed?

The laws relating to persons with mental illness or intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) are complex and span several different codes affecting multiple, diverse stakeholders.

How will a county benefit from participation?

  • Identifies gaps and resources
  • Clarifies roles within counties
  • Streamlines complex MH processes
  • Provides access to FREE resources
  • Identifies MH best practices
  • Creates accountability

How will it work?

The County Mental Health Law Plan seeks to offer pilot program counties JCMH technical assistance, tools, and resources including a checklist and template to support their work in creating such a County Mental Health Law Plan over a six-month period. The goals of the pilot are to determine if creating such a plan encourages discussions that add collaboration, efficiency, cost-savings, and accountability to county mental health law systems.

The Administrative Judge will create a multidisciplinary team, if one does not already exist, that would review the JCMH Mental Health Law Checklist and then complete a template reflecting the county’s current and future plans related to the relevant mental health law issues according to the Sequential Intercept Model (SIM).